Monday, March 19, 2012

The Big Lie

Over and over we are told the big lie by our government. The lies are always designed to strike fear in our hearts. During the Vietnam war the lie was "If Vietnam falls so will all of Southeast Asia". We lost that war and of course all of Southeast Asia did not fall.

Now after we invaded Afghanistan and then occupied it for 10 long years sacrificing our solders and our economy we are told that "If we pull out of Afghanistan before 2014 all will be lost". After 10 years we will lose everything if we don't stick it out for another two years. Really?

Now as we face off with Iran we are told that "If Iran is allowed to peruse nuclear energy the world will come to an end". We have a lot of gall preaching to the world. We are the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons. We have polluted the atmosphere with atomic bomb tests more than any other country (actually more than all other countries put together). Why should Iran not become a member of the nuclear club? Are they more of a danger than North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, India, the UK, France, or China (

There are over 30 countries that have nuclear power facilities, why shouldn't Iran? Who are we to say they don't have the right to use nuclear power? 

We should stop believing the big lies. We should pull out of Afghanistan immediately. We should stop the sanction against Iran and say we are sorry. We should stop fomenting war.